Dustkid Runs
RouteWR TimeWR User
Any% AllN/A
Red KeysN/A
Any% DifficultN/A
SS DifficultN/A
Any% Community Map PackN/A
SS Community Map PackN/A
Any% AlphaN/A
Any% BetaN/A
Any% GammaN/A
SS AlphaN/A
SS BetaN/A
SS GammaN/A
Any% ForestN/A
Any% MansionN/A
Any% CityN/A
Any% LabN/A
SS ForestN/A
SS MansionN/A
SS CityN/A
Arcade Any%N/A
Arcade SSN/A
New Genesis Any%N/A
New Genesis SSN/A
SS 291N/A
Any% 291N/A
Dark Forest Any%N/A
Dark Forest SSN/A

Active Runs

User Route Progress Last Level Time
OsthatoAlfakyn SS City 6/16 Apartments 1:51:38
Spiraler Any% Mansion 4/16 Library 33:51
OsthatoAlfakyn Any% City 6/16 Apartments 1:51:38
pszndr Any% Forest 5/16 Valley 24:53
Dr. Dreamer the Artisan Scrub% 5/67 Valley 57:17
pszndr Scrub% 10/67 Valley 36:52
shadowtheshade Scrub% 6/67 Valley 2:06:03
Dr. Dreamer the Artisan Any% All 5/75 Valley 57:17
pszndr Any% All 10/75 Valley 36:52
shadowtheshade Any% All 6/75 Valley 2:06:03
Dr. Dreamer the Artisan Any% 291 7/291 Valley 57:17
pszndr Any% 291 10/291 Valley 36:52
shadowtheshade Any% 291 6/291 Valley 2:06:03

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