Generate a nexus

Create unique challenges and race others with a Randomizer Nexus! The nexuses are randomly generated by replacing doors in the Main Nexus with randomly selected levels based on criteria you provide. If you're looking for people to race (or just need help), join the Dustforce Discord and ask in the #races channel.

How to create a nexus

Pick a nexus type
Create your nexus
  • Pick a seed (or have one picked automatically)
  • Choose generation options (e.g. difficulty)
  • Click Generate
  • Share the link!
  • Open the downloaded nexus file

Stock Randomizer

Level Constraints

Output Options


Nothing happens when I open the nexus file!

First, make sure you are running Dustmod. Then open Dustmod and click on "Dustmod -> About -> Set file associations". Now files with the extension ".dflevel" should be associated with Dustmod so opening the nexus should work.

I'm on Linux though! (XDG)

  • Create a Dustmod desktop entry
  • Create a file dustmod.desktop in the path ~/.local/share/applications/dustmod.desktop. You will need to edit the Icon and Exec fields to match the path that Dustmod is installed on your system

  • Setup the file type association
  • Copy the file dustmod-mime.xml to ~/.local/share/mime/packages/dustmod-mime.xml.

  • Update mime database
  • Run "update-desktop-database ~/.local/share/applications/" and then "update-mime-database ~/.local/share/mime" to update system configurations to use these new settings.

I'm on Mac

shrugs. Maybe the linux instructions work?